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Assurance Care Services, Inc. provides services through Louisiana Medicaid home and community based programs. Each home and community based program has specific service packages and eligibility requirements.

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New Opportunity Waiver (NOW)

Assurance Care Services, Inc. provides the NOW Personal Care Services to MR/DD waiver individuals.  This service provides supervision and Assistance for people with disabilities to live independently in the community.  


The individual is able to live in a residential setting designed for them to live as independently as possible.  The residential setting may be cluster housing, a rental house, or client’s own home; provided the client does not reside with members of his/her/them immediate family (with the exception of a disabled spouse.)


The services will also meet the needs of those diverted or institutionalized clients whose disabilities preclude the acquisition of certain living skills related to the activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, food preparation, and storage.  

Children's Choice

Assurance Care Service, Inc. provides support services to their clients participating in the Children’s Choice program.  The agency will provide needed services that include family support, crisis support, center-based respite, family training, diapers, home or bathroom modifications, general adaptations and vehicle lifts. 

Early Periodic Screening Diagnostic & Treatment Services

Assurance Care Services, Inc. provides their clients under the age of 21 Early Periodic Screening Diagnostic and Treatment (EPSDT) Services.  The services are for individuals who are physically unable to care for themselves due to physical limitations.  These services help individuals with eating, bathing, dressing, personal hygiene, and with their toileting needs.  The EPSDT service is a measure of keeping individuals home with their families and out of institutions.

Long Term Care 

Assurance Care Services, Inc.  provides LTC-I, a service offered under the Louisiana State Medicaid Plan.  The program provides assistance with activities of daily living to qualified medicaid recipients.  Personal care services are those services that provide assistance with activities instrumental to daily living.  This service is for people 65 years of age or older, or 21 years old or older with a disability.


Also, the individual must require a level of nursing home care and be able to direct his/her/their care independently or through a responsible representative.  This service should give hope to many people in nursing facilities that would like to return home and have the care needed to live independently at home. 

Community Choice Waiver (CCW)

Assurance Care Services, Inc.  provides CCW services offered under the Louisiana State Medicaid Plan.   

The Community Choices Waiver (CCW) serves seniors and persons with adult onset disabilities as an alternative to nursing facility care. Based on a standardized assessment, each recipient is provided a budget based on acuity to create an individual service package. The CCW contains a wide array of services including: support coordination, nursing and skilled therapy assessments and services, in-home monitoring systems, home modifications and assistive technologies, personal care, home-delivered meals, and care giver respite.

Residential Options Waiver (ROW) 

Assurance Care Services, Inc. provides ROW to waiver individuals.  Residential Option Waiver, a home and community based services waiver, is to assist beneficiaries in leading healthy, independent, and productive lives to the fullest extent possible and to promote full exercise of their rights as citizens of Louisiana. 

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